How I Lost Weight & How You Can Too

Hi and welcome to my weight loss blog. I’m Amanda, you can see me in the picture and video below. This is my story of how i managed to lose all the weight i wanted to after my pregnancy and how you can too.

my weight loss transformation

What i did to lose weight

I tried quite a few different programs, spent many nights online researching and spoke to a lot of friends about what would be the best approach for a woman to lose weight. I had no idea really where to start. I think everyone looks at the latest fad diet or wonder supplement to look for shortcuts. I tried quite a few herbal treatments that claim to get amazing results. I eventually found something that really appealed to me and looked to have fantastic results and reviews from women online. I think this is the appropriate time for me to put in my video which mentions the program that really worked for me.

If you want to visit the site i mention in the video its here the Venus Factor. The Venus factor gave me the exact easy to follow guidelines that were realistic and i knew it would be easy to follow for the duration it would take.


There is a lot of information on this page. The more i wrote the more i wanted to tell. I have written my weight loss story below. If you aren’t in the mood for reading you can watch the video i have embedded to get a brief overview of what i did to lose weight. I have also compared some of the best products i found during my journey if you want to just find a program to use and recommend. I also give a warning to some of the pill scams i also found, you have to avoid these.

My story putting on the weight

As you can see from my before and after picture there is a big difference in my weight, I’m quite proud of what i had achieved and perhaps slightly embarrassed of how i was before. As you would expect I wasn’t always that overweight and i really wanted to get back to my natural weight i had before having children. I did have two pregnancies in very close succession and put on the pounds during that period. Whilst i was pregnant i didn’t really mind the extra weight it’s to be expected and is part of a healthy pregnancy, maybe i let myself get a bit too carried away with my “eating for two” attitude but thankfully that’s all behind me now. I didn’t really notice or care about my weight whilst i was pregnant it was a few weeks after giving birth when i saw an old photo of me when it really hit home. I mean, i knew i was heavier and larger than i use to be, that was obvious but the extent of it took a bit of time before i really came to realize it.

I already had lower self esteem from knowing i was a little overweight but you have an excuse when you pregnant, when i wasn’t carrying i just looked massively overweight. My self confidence really took a hit once i actually realized how much i was overweight. I fell into a mild depression where all i would think about was my weight. If i was going out socializing i would take hours getting ready trying to find clothes that would hide my figure as much as possible. I would look at myself in the mirror and just wish the weight would just disappear, unfortunately it’s never going to disappear by magic, you can’t make it just vanish (short of liposuction). All you can do is accept you are overweight and make a start to make a change.

How to lose weight for women quickly

Losing the weight

After i had come to the realization of how much i was overweight and after thinking about how much it affected me mentally, lowering my self confidence, making me depressed as well as a host of other things I made a commitment to myself to lose the weight. This is the first step and the most important, If YOU really want to lose weight you need to mentally commit to the idea once you do this the rest is so much easier. The first step of making that mental commitment is by far the hardest thing you will have to do.

Why YOU won’t lose your weight

If you have tried losing weight before and not succeeded it’s almost certainly due to lack of structure not will power, despite what other people may say. After you make the commitment to lose weight you need to stick to it and not stop too early. It took me four months of effort, not huge effort but definitely effort to lose the weight. Not having structure in place is the biggest reason for people quitting.

Structure is why people hire personal trainers and the reason why there are so many personal trainers is because people pay for them, because hiring one to lose weight works. It gets real results. I’m not suggesting you need to get a personal trainer it’s an expensive route to take but they give you the structure you need, they make sure you go training consistently and help you make good food choices consistently. Consistency is the key. I would also like to add that a lot, a whole lot of personal trainers make exercising far more difficult than is necessary and that puts a lot of people off, myself included. You don’t have to attack the gym every time you work out it’s not necessary and another reason why most people fail.

You want to lose the weight as fast as possible and you start too hard because you want to see results as soon as possible. You have to remember that weight loss is a marathon not a sprint. 2 lbs a week to lose is fantastic and it will take time, i personally lost roughly 3 lbs a week but losing weight faster than this is a little unrealistic and more than likely unhealthy.

What you can do to make sure you lose weight

You need to implement a sustainable long(ish) term plan. Depending on how much weight you need to lose will determine how long you will have to put in effort for. The best way to do this is use a tried and tested plan or get a personal trainer who will do it for you. A personal trainer if you are lucky will cost you $20 a session, 3 sessions a week for 4 months will cost you $960 and that is at a good rate. This is far too much money in my opinion and you shouldn’t have to think about paying that kind of money to lose weight.

You can do it completely by yourself possibly for free by looking up free workout guides and video tutorials on YouTube, collecting bits of knowledge bit by bit but this is going to take time and effort and doesn’t have the tried and tested structure that a personal trainer or work out program will give you. This is what most people try and this is why most people unfortunately fail. For most people the best option is to buy a workout guide that has all the structure and plan for exercise and nutrition all laid out for you for the whole duration of your planned weight loss. This is how i lost my weight. This will give you a plan to stick to and goals to hit. You will know exactly how much weight you should lose each week and you will have peace of mind that it will work for you as it has work for many other people. I’m a big fan of good full course home workout programs that not only lay everything out for you but educate you to the whole process. Once you have knowledge of exactly what to do and what you can do you will be able to get the weight off and keep it off for good.

Watch for weight loss scams that will cost you money

Before i go further and talk in-depth about the Venus factor or any other weight loss products i think are helpful I want to warm you about a weight loss scam i frequently came across online. Be really careful buying weight-loss pills. What ever you do don’t go out and buy weight loss pills thinking they are going to make you magically lose weight. Especially if the weight loss pills are a “free trial” I’ve had three different friends fall for these “free” pills that aren’t actually free at all. They say you get a free sample and need your credit card number to cover the shipping costs. But in the terms and conditions you will find you have subscribed to $150 monthly withdrawal for something that in my opinion frankly doesn’t work! There is nothing worse than a scam that charges you extortionate amounts of money and does deliver a fraction of what it promises. These type of scams take advantage of peoples desperation to lose weight. Don’t fall for it they are a scam. You can buy theses pills from your local health store for a fraction of the price if you really want them.

I am in particular talking about weight loss pills such as Acai berry and gargicia cambosia. I’ve had one family member and another close friend both ripped off by buying weight loss pills online. These scams and they are scams are usually slick looking website that look far better than this one, they look very professional and offer free trials. Theses are not free trials! You sign up to a monthly direct debit of around $160! The first batch you get are free then its a whopping $80 a tub and you get 2 tubs a month and will be charged $160 a month, it’s stated in the small print. If something seems too good to be true it usually is. The weight loss industry takes advantage of how desperate people can be to lose weight. There are no short cuts. Don’t buy these “free trial pills” use a trusted vendor like Clickbank, amazon or Rite Aid. I have attached an image of what theses websites look like. There are three examples below you can see “claim your package today”, “free bottle offer”,

weight loss scam

How you canĀ  start to lose weight

The starting point of losing weight is definitely the hardest part. Even admitting that to yourself that you are overweight and you are going to address it is a great step. A lot of people don’t realize they are overweight even if they are heavily overweight, I didn’t. It sneaks up on you gradually. Your clothes will start to fit tighter but it still doesn’t really dawn on you that you are putting on weight. You buy newer clothes but still it does really sink in. Usually it sneaks up and hits you and your shocked with yourself. It maybe that you catch yourself in the mirror and have to take a double take. You don’t entirely recognize the person looking back at you in the mirror, it’s you but a much larger version of you than you remember.

Compare weight loss programs

So if you have read my warning about the scam pills you might be wondering what works. For me it was Venus factor and It wasn’t easy finding the Venus factor. There are so many weight loss products out there the market is saturated, mostly with products where there isn’t really any thought or consideration going into them and they are terrible. Not every program i have used is terrible there are a few really good products out there with the Venus Factor being by far and away the program that gave me the most benefit. I kept track of every program and course i managed to use or get my hands on in one way or another and below is a table recommending the four best products i have come across. I will go into further reviews on each product on some other pages on this website once i find the time. Until then i just want to talk about Venus Factor the weight loss program that made this possible for me.

 Venus FactorThe Beta SwitchTotal Wellness CleanseWeight Destroyer
Women SpecificYesyesnono
DescriptionThe Venus factor is the best weight loss guide i have ever come across for a woman. You get exercise guides and nutrition guides over 130 videos and a huge online community to help with your commitment. 5 stars, you will lose weight.The Beta Switch is the spiritual successor of the very successful Female Fat Free Solution program created by the same author. It's another program specifically designed for women and is excellent weightloss and cellulite reduction planTotal wellness cleanse is a 30 day body cleansing program by Yuri Elkaim. This is for male or female and teaches you about organic healthy eating to rid the body of toxins. It's fantastic if you need a quick health kick.Weight Destroyer has it's foundation in a very emotional story. The creator was massively over weight and had large help related issues. You should watch his inspiring video. It's a great program.
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The best weight loss program for women that i have every used.

In my desperation and numerous failed attempts to lose my weight during my lifetime i have tried many different so called “amazing” weight loss programs and diets and the majority of them don’t work. The majority of them don’t tackle the major issues of why you personally have put on weight and what YOU have to do to lose it. Losing weight can be reduced down to a simple equation. Burn more calories than you consume. Or as some condescending person once said to me. “move more, eat less”. If it is that simple why do a lot of people (including me) struggle to do it? Well in my opinion you need structure. You need a plan! This is why programs and personal trainers exist. To give you help and structure. It will make the difference and it is why you have so many successful workout programs because they work.

Anyway i feel i am getting slightly off track the best weightloss program i have ever used the one that i contribute 100% towards me losing all the weight i wanted to after my pregnancy is the Venus Factor Click Here to visit there site to watch their intro video

The Venus Factor

If you aren’t happy with the way you look do yourself a favor and make a change, make a change today. Don’t wait, do it today. Visit the official Venus Factor website by clicking on the link below. I wish you all the best of look in your goal to be a fitter, healthier and slimmer you.

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